Tuesday, June 21, 2016

John Church from Just Marketing celebrates a career milestone

John Church from Just Marketing is proud to be living and working his dream job as a sports sponsorship executive in California. This year marks a quarter of a century that he has spent doing what he loves. With a lifelong passion for sports, and an education in Business Finance, there was no better career choice for this former Arizonan.

Throughout his career, Church has held management and executive posts at some of the world's leading sports and marketing corporations. His resume includes positions with South Coast Partnerships Inc., Freedom Communications, SJX Partners, Just Marketing International, Continental Management Group, Chip Ganassi Racing Teams, Stratford American Sports Corporation, and Phoenix Professional Baseball Inc.

In 2014, Church founded the South Coast Partnerships Inc. business, where he is still the acting President. This corporation is a global sports and entertainment sponsorship consultancy organization. His business is booming, with MotoAmerica serving as his largest client. He is the commercial director for this large business entity. Other clients that he handles include MacGillivray-Freeman Films, Starworks Motorsports, Williams F1 Racing, and the Peterson Automotive Museum.
No matter where John Church has worked, whether for Just Marketing International or one of his other career highlights, he offers a professionalism that is unmatched. He prides himself of a strong work ethic, and a brawny history of entrepreneurial and growth oriented leadership. His career is distinguished by an amazing number of large dollar deals being closed and many c-level relationships being built. His ability to create management structures and processes that are highly inventive has endeared him to all of his colleagues and associates.

John Church Just Marketing has been cited in a number of physical and electronic publications including MotoAmerica's news reports and blogs, Cycle News, Stusshots Blog, Wheels and Motor Online Magazine, and Sports Pro Media. In the last twenty five years, Church's work and/or his opinion has been referenced more than twenty times.

It is rare for someone to find a career that they truly love, and John Church from Just Marketing is one of those fortunate few. He plans to continue his sports sponsorship career until his retirement.

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